Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What's Good?

It has been a very long time since I posted about something that I genuinely wanted to post about, so I thought today I'd treat myself and write about something I actually find interesting.

After pondering for a short while on what I find interesting and occasionally taking into consideration what other people may also want to read, I came up with the following topics.

Any film you watch with Jay and Silent Bob in, you know it will be absolutely hilarious and quite brilliant. If you know any stoners at all, you'll see part of them in these two legends. How can you not laugh at two lazy, dumb ass potheads that seriously use words like 'snoochie boochie'? You simply can't not.

R.E.M. - one of these best American bands from the 80s. You looks at today's mostly awful music and almost forget that there was a time when bands weren't manufactured and made it due to the fact they were talented musicians instead of having a fine ass and a lot of money. I was definitely born in the wrong era. Just if you're wondering, after extensive research, I found out what R.E.M. stands for... nothing.

Talented and gorgeous. What a man. I never thought anything to Matt Damon before until I watched The Departed, in which he plays a total bad ass police officer working for the mafia, yet after I watched it I just thought he was a next level actor. He's been in some classic movies including The Talented Mr Ripley, Good Will Hunting and even Dogma, with the afore mentioned Jay and Silent Bob.

I actually got to eat the beauty you see before you. The three greatest foods in life are beef, bacon and cheese - fact. Why not put them all together and create something beautiful? There is no reason not too. Except the calories... However, who cares about calories when you have heaven in your mouth. Although these kinds of burgers are better homemade or from most places in America, if worst comes to worst, go to McDonalds and get a double quarter pounder with bacon and you'll have an idea of what you're missing.


If I was ever to meet Roger, I think we would be the best of friends. You can't say much about him, it'll explain it more if you read his genius quotes including;

"I'm going to make you cry and dip my cookies in your tears."
"Fine! If I can't get to know Jeff in person then I'll develop a relationship with him like fat people do - through the internet!"
"Tell my wife I love her. And Keira Knightley, tell Keira Knightley I love her. And Orlando Bloom. You know what, the whole pirate cast the whole damn dirty pirate cast. Except Geoffrey Rush. But do it in front of Geoffrey Rush."